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Frequently Asked Questions About Lunch Club

  1. What is the Lunch Club all about?
    The LunchClub is a club for people who like to get lunch discounts from local restaurants. Membership is free, and anyone can join. See 'How it Works' for more info.
  2. Show me an example of a Lunch Club special.

    Featured restaurant: California Pizza Kitchen, where dining is an adventure , and enjoyment is guaranteed. The special: Get 20% off your bill! Location: 10100 N Scottsdale Rd. N Scottsdale Road / E. Goldust Rd Paradise Valley, AZ 85253 To get the special: Print this email and bring it in as your offer.

  3. How much does it cost to join?

    The LunchClub is a free club, and there will never be a charge for it.

  4. Are you going to sell or share my information with anyone?

    Absolutely not. See the club 'Privacy Policy' for details.

  5. How often will I get LunchClub discounts?

    Depending on LunchClub restaurants in your area you can receive up to 1 offer each week day.

  6. Is the coupon good for more than one person?

    Unless otherwise stated, the discounts are good for one person only. Some restaurants may accept them for entire parties, but there is no guarantee. Please follow offer restrictions.

  7. Is the coupon good for more than one day?

    Each coupon has an expiration date on it. They are generally good for up to one week. Offers can vary.

  8. Should I get the specials in HTML or Text format?

    If you use an HTML compatible eMail reader such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, or any web based eMail such as Hotmail or Yahoo, the specials will look nicer and print better in HTML format. If your email reader does not support HTML, you should stick to the Text format. If you sign up for HTML format, and your eMail application does not support HTML, you will be able to tell immediately -- when you receive your lunch special, you will see a message saying that your eMail client does not support HTML, followed by a lot of messy looking text (which is the HTML "code"). To modify your eMail format, go to your profile and set the "Preferred eMail Format." Check with your IT Administrator with more questions.

  9. Why am I not receiving my LunchClub emails?

    Chances are our emails are being blocked by your email account settings. Start by checking your security settings and your spam filter to ensure that our email address is on your safe list. If you’re still experiencing problems, please check with your IT Administrator to ensure that our email address is on your company’s safe list.

  10. Can I sign up for multiple areas?

    You can sign up for as many areas as you wish by accessing My LunchClub. You will receive a separate email for each area that you sign up for.

    If more than one of your areas is in the same zip code, you will only receive one email for that zip code.